The Festive Season?

I have spent much of the last few weeks struggling with my mood, my purpose and my current circumstances. November/December are notoriously difficult months for me. Not only are the days shorter (ever so thankful for my Phillips Go-Blu Energy light), but tragic memories resurface along with the “normal” pressures of the holiday season. Add to this mix my current jobless state (starting January 3rd though!)  and the custody battle over my baby and I now have a recipe for a massive pity party.

However, I am determined to do something other than wallow in melancholia this year. As misery loves company, I have decided that the best place for me is with people who have their own issues to contend with. As negative as this sounds, it really isn’t. You see I am going to start a little project next week. I have about four hours a day of “free time” – time I usually relegate to household chores, social media dabbling, community volunteering or well…napping. However, for next week I am going to try something different. I am going to attempt to volunteer my time to a different cause each day – Monday to Friday. Sadly my financial situation is really tight this year so I am unable to give monetarily what I would like to. Therefore the next best thing I have is – ME! :)

I plan to ask for some suggestions as to organizations that could use a lowly volunteer next week – however limited in time that I am. (Pretty much 10-2, Monday-Friday). I fully intend to listen to the stories and spread some festive cheer hoping that this will pull me out of my pity party. I am really unlimited in what I can do – I can wrap presents, peel potatoes, wash dishes, do laundry, clean out litter boxes, set up a social media plan, do some writing, visit and play games. I guess my only real limitation is that I don’t clean bathrooms. Sorry. That’s my line.

I am a little scared that no one will want me but really hopeful that I can help out. I will blog about each experience and attempt to focus on the great in the organizations and individuals that I hope to meet.

Won’t you please help me discard my pity party and suggest some organizations that could use a little bit of help next week? As always, thanks for reading and for caring.


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